Sunday, 8 January 2012

Ablas - Melbourne - 109 Elgin Street, Carlton

I do like the fact that this restaurant has not changed one bit since the 80s.

There are no big suprises but there is always a buzz before going and I know I am going to have a fun night.

We went in a largish group and got the set menu. Always included is a hello from Nonna (what is a matronly lady called in Lebanese?).

It starts with dips then proceeds with dolmades, sausage, beef and pine nut koupes, zesty chicken, rice with chicken and almonds and followed by meats.  Dessert is baklava etc.

Look, it is not the best Lebanese I have had (the best is in Beirut called Le Chef if you are ever in Beirut which I highly recommend for the food, scenery and shopping) but it is predictably good.

And best of all you can BYO and corkage is cheap.

Cost is around $60.

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