Saturday, 21 September 2013

Your Thai Rice & Noodle Bar - Melbourne - 255 Swanston Street, Melbourne

Disgusting terrible food.

The skin on our flounder was oily and fatty.

The beef hor fun had barely any beef.

I can't eat bad food no matter how cheap.

Never again.

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Sunday, 15 September 2013

The Town Mouse - Melbourne - 312 Drummond Street, Carlton

A bit echoey and reminds me of a fancy bathroom with the tiled walls commented my friend.

312 Drummond Street has had many restaurants and for me this is the least favourite.

The bread came with a seaweed butter - strange but not that pleasurable.

The Coffin Bay oysters were nice and salty.

The slow cooked lamb shoulder was good but a bit on the dry side, not as good as Cumulus.

Our side of cabbage with prunes was just a bit rich and too salty.

The service is good but as a restaurant it was a bit same old same old and not executed as well as others.

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Queen Margaret - Melbourne - 356 Queens Parade, North Fitzroy

Finally Clifton Hill has a decent place that I can call my neighbourhood own.

The lamb shank pasta is simple and melty in the mouth and homely.

And the pizzasvare very good - thin base, simple toppings and good quality fior di latte.

The atmosphere is lovely and feels like you are at home, including the weatherboard walls with windows.

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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Tien Dat - Melbourne - 3 Carrington Road, Box Hill

Out with 2 mums. We sit down and one pulls a dummy out of her bra.

This is the night I was in for.

Tien Dat seems to be the place to be in Box Hill.  Pumping with people.

A very tempting menu.

We started with some Hanoi style spring rolls. A third of the price of coda and 10 times better.

Next was meat in betel leaf and then fried prawns with chilli and coriander. Very tasty.

Fried duck with plum sauce was not for the faint hearted.

And cheap - $30 each including corkage for a bottle of $4.50.

Good o.

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Mamak - Melbourne - 366 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

Malaysian is the new Vietnamese declared my friend of big statements.

It started with Chinese, then Thai, then Vietnamese and now it is Malaysian. Although Shanghai dumplings are still in the mix and not sure where Japanese food sits in his timeline of events.

Mamak is excellent. Always full of people and the food is cooked very well.

A variety of different and chewy and not oily too roti.

Satays are the same as in Malaysia, a fattier meat and not too meaty. Sounds bad but it is actually good.

The nasi lemak and slow cooked lamb are so tasty that you just want more.

Loved it.

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Peko Peko - Melbourne - 199 Smith Street, Collingwood

Cute Japanese place good for a mid week dinner.

The menu has many Japanese regulars - gyoza, sushi and miso eggplant.

It won't set your world on fire but I don't think you need that on a Tuesday night.

Staff were a bit disinterested.

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Three Bags Full - Melbourne - 60 Nicholson Street, Abbotsford

I have a hang over and there is a bit of a wait to get in, this place is not short of a few bags full of customers. At least the wait gives you an opportunity to review the plates of food passing by.

But then comes the menu and everything is too tempting.

Brekky or lunch, lunch or brekky, I can't decide.

I end up choosing the porterhouse steak sandwich, a proper piece of steak cooked appropriately medium rare with beetroot relish, cheese and rocket. Hit the spot.

The fella had an open braised lamb sandwich with peppers, goats cheese and rocket salad. Hit the spot.

And there is very confident coffee cos it is not too weak and not over heated, also hit the spot.

And the apple, pear and mint juice and the cookies and the impeccable service all hit the spot.

A lot of spots being hit at 3 bags full and I don't think it is just the drink talking.

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