Sunday, 14 April 2013

Ripe - Dandenongs - 376-378 Mt Dandenong Road, Sassafras

After doing the 1000 steps in the Dandenongs, we thought we should treat ourselves to a good homely meal in Sassafras.

The breakfast at Ripe is the best you will find around - one of you has to have the eggs and the other needs to have pancakes.

Today it was lunch. I had a simple ricotta gnocchi with a tomato sauce and my friend steak on mash with a side of green beans.

I didn't love it but I liked it lots. The place itself is homely with a deli and amazing cakes on arrival. There is also nice pasta, salts, biscuits and vinegars to take home.

Sassafras is a cute town with lots of quirky gift stores.

Around $50 for two including coffee.

2/10 for 1000 steps with 1000 people - not my cuppa tea.

7/10 for Ripe.

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Merchant - Melbourne - 495 Collins Street, Melbourne

Boring location (Rialto) but not so boring interior (graffiti, tiles and a massive bar in the centre).

I am always sceptical when chefs like Guy Grossi open their 4th, 5th, 10th restaurant but I like this place.

The food is simple Italian but very well cooked.

Fish grilled to perfection with a good amount of olive oil and salt.  Rabbit in white wine with pine nuts and raisins was scrumptious, as was everything else really - prawns, risotto, god the bread - name it, it is all good.

Desserts were quite regular - you can skip them. 

Getting bored of finding a good place for dinner with workmates? Try Merchant.


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The Grand - Melbourne - 333 Burnley Street, Richmond

For me the Grand hotel used to have the best pub food around town. I am not talking about the fancier Italian restaurant bit just the pub bit.

I recall delicate ricotta gnocchi and tasty veal meatballs.

What has happened?

Just mediocre pub food now - boring pizza, average Parma, bad salad dressing.

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Colmao Flamenco - Melbourne - 72 Johnstone Street, Fitzroy

It's funny. I feel like I have lived on Brunswick, Smith and Johnston street all my life but seemed to have ignored the Spanish scene a bit.

Colmao Flamenco is all Spain - lots of wood, red walls, little dishes of food and flamenco to dance to on arrival.

Excellent steak with sauce, good chorizo and the best service around town.

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