Sunday, 10 November 2013

Komeyui Japanese Restaurant - Melbourne - 396 Bay Street, Port Melbourne

Amigos, why has no one told me about what could be the best Japanese restaurant in Melbourne until now?

Komeyui is the real deal, the most authentic in Melbourne for sure.

We started with sake, a sweet and a dry, pecking on a pickled tuna salad and some tuna rolls.

Flavours were extraordinary.

Then some more sake followed by a plate of sushi and sashimi - definitely the best you will have, perfectly cut, nice fish, scallop, a bit of charring here and there and the most amazing presentation.

And more sake to go with our sweet and spicy fried quail - de lec table

And not to forget the most outstanding chawan mushi which also pairs well with sake.

The only problem? Too many nice dishes to choose from.

Great service, hip atmosphere and $85 per head including lots of sake.

Very excited cos I love it, love it, love it.

Great conversation too with my gal pal.

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Saturday, 9 November 2013

Woodstock - Melbourne - 612 Nicholson Street, Carlton North

Desperate for not just a good but a great pizza, I could think of no other than Woodstock.

Even though there had been gun fire in the windows of 3 of these restaurants in the one night that week, I called up and asked if they were open and if they were ok and they said yes, so I said we are going.

Glass was all fixed and the place was busy. Good on the locals who will take a risk for a good pizza.

The parpadelle pasta with sausage was perfection - a simple tomato sauce, homemade pasta - very flavoursome.

I told the fella that we needed some good vino. He asked what vino was and I thought - can't believe I am a blogger with a fella who doesn't know what vino is. And as for a sommelier, well forget it.

Then came the prosciutto pizza with mascarpone, fior di latte and rocket - thin base and hot out of the oven.

The fella is also an admirer of Pizza Hut, not the cheesy crust of course but everything else he thinks is good. I told him never again.

So we were thinking the pizza was excellent, the pasta exceptional so we gotta have dessert.

Pannacotta, a risk cos only 2 outta 10 are good. This was in those 2, thank god (although not as good as my mum's).

Excellent service, friendly, efficient and Nonna walks by each table to say hello - it did not feel like Melbourne underground territory.

Didn't try them this time but you must have the stuffed olives (although not as good as mine).

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