Sunday, 6 May 2012

Pier - Melbourne - 1 Pier Street, Port Melbourne

We thought we would make a trip to the other side of town to Port Melbourne.

We rocked up at Pier with no booking and got in straight away - a worry.

There were many cuisines on the menu - greek, italian, french, spanish, Aussie - and worrying a little bit more.

And my friend added "Look at the prices babe, my steak is $40 and I get shit wine and paper napkins."

Despite this, the whitebait was surprisingly edible and moorish. My rib eye was cooked perfectly medium rare and the vegies were rightly crisp. My friend's eye fillet was also well done or rather done well medium rare.

Restaurants on this side of town have a more exclusive and chandelier feel about them, as do the beautiful people. The menu is just outdated - try-hard sophistication does not mean hip in my book.

Cost was around $65 with a bad glass of wine.

Overall quite good but nothing to rave about.

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Senoritas - Melbourne - 16 Meyers Place, Melbourne

Faced by voodoo dolls on the counter, voodoo paintings, voodoo candelabras and voodoo statues I was like "I love it already!"

There was a seediness masked by sophistication about this place that just draws you in.

Reading through the Mexican menu I was super excited and I gotta feeling that this was going to be a good night - a good good night.

The guacamole was excellent, lemony and smoothe and a great beginning.

But then the seared tuna and octopus came out and it looked like burnt bugs on a plate. No flavour
and I was like "mmmm maybe this is a minor mishap."

The pork tacos were good, but then the prawn tacos looked a bit blue and the duck rolls were rather cakey.

My hot chocolate was lumpy and the coffee was served on a saucer with the drink split all over.

It is great that Mamastita has opened our mouths to the door of Mexican cooking but those that follow like Senoritas need to execute well. This was just not well.

Despite this, the place is full and people seemed to love it.

But for us, we were feeling it at the start but then it just went down hill from there. 

And waiting for the bill and the screw ups with all that, felt like climbing Everest in thongs.

Price is around $55 each including a cocktail but no dessert.


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