Sunday, 26 February 2012

Piadina Slowfood - Melbourne - 57 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

Very rarely do I go out for lunch. I usually scoff down one of three Ss - a sandwich, a salad or sushi.

But there is a team of boys at work who walk around and ask "who can I corrupt today?" Translation: "who will have lunch with me today?" A sad indictment on the rest of us who struggle to say yes.

My new years resolution is to be a "yes" person in all manner of ways, including the occasional lunch out.

Piadina Slowfood is a good start. A small quirky walk-in place with fresh vegetables lining the counter, a few wooden tables inside and outdoor seating with no umbrellas for the 35 degree heat - a bit wrongtown but at the same time this place is quite cooltown.

The name explains the menu well, piadina's on one side of the menu and slow cooked food like goat curry and butter chicken on the other.

For a hot day we all ate a piadina and all of them were very simple, very fresh and very tasty.

Cost is about $12 each.

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