Saturday, 4 February 2012

Slow Pony - Melbourne - 95 Whitehorse Road, Balwyn

Slow Pony enjoys the company of Porgie and Mr Jones and has many Friends of Mine.

A lame way of saying they all have the same owners.

There is a requirement to queue at Slow Pony but only for 10 minutes. For a busy place the service is mighty attentive, the atmosphere is buzzy and the wait staff are rather nice to look at.

I like the breakfast here but I do sometimes find the stacking of bacon on mushrooms on eggs on cheese on avocado a bit overwhelming.  I went for a simple goats cheese omelet which was cooked perfectly, not overdone, and with great bread. God I love bread. I know we are all meant to be cutting our bread intake down but screw that; it should be viewed as the food that keeps us from looking unhealthy.

My friend said that she wasn't blown away but I am very rarely blown away by eggs on toast. I think it is a meal to satisfy hunger, although shitty eggs can be the most memorably bad meal ever.

The coffee is excellent.

Breakfast for two with coffees and OJs was $50.

Balwyn definitely needs some more hip places and this joint is a good start.

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