Sunday, 26 February 2012

The Waiter's Club - Melbourne - 20 Meyers Place, Melbourne

If you haven’t been here then I’m guessing you have never had much of a social life. I am sorry about that.

This is not necessarily the hip place to be but the place you must have been to.

After a boozy work function, nothing goes down better than a another beer and a big plate of basic pasta, and this place has every combination possible.

I used to try the al funghis and the polos back when it was cooler to be different, but now I just stick to what I like best – tortellini bolognese – generally you can’t go wrong with that.

As a side matter, it is very hard to get a good bolognese for a decent price in Melbourne. In fact I think that many households also get it wrong, I am sorry about that too.

The décor here is very 80s - brown carpet, vinyl chairs, chipboard walls and a chalkboard with specials.   It is a full house every lunch and you may have to queue in the evening.

This time round I was a bit heartbroken that I had to add salt and I was a bit afraid to announce that because people have a sensitive connection with this place. But when I said it, it appears that the flavour from everyone's plates also migrated to the one person eating puttanesca last Thursday.

A shame because this place is usually consistent but I can only talk about the pasta I had on the day and on that Thursday it needed some salt.

Price is creeping up, not $13 like the old days. Around $20 with some good garlic bread.


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