Monday, 12 March 2012

Pelligrini's Espresso Bar - Melbourne - 44 Bourke Street, Melbourne

Having already felt like we had a full week's work by the end of Monday, my friend slightly twisted my arm convincing me to forfeit spin class and join her for a drink.

So we headed to Comme for a couple of vinos.

I saw a sign saying Crawl n' Bite at the bar and a fair few people wearing fluro wrist bands but thought nothing of it.

Food was being passed all around but never seemed to hit our table.  I got a bit fired up over this so my friend kindly decided to approach the waitress and ask that she venture our way. The waitress asked if we were on the Crawl n' Bite to which my friend flatly responded "of course we are, but we turfed out our annoying wrist bands".

Before long I got the message, we should join that but for now we are outta here!

Needing a quick bite, there is no other place than Pelligrini's.

It was pretty much a full house.  Similar to the Waiter's Club, if you don't know this place then you don't deserve to be anyone's friend.

As we were taking our seat at the bar, my friend said "this is an institution you know".  "Why thank you Captain Obvious" I replied.

The decor has not changed in 30 or so years. On the one hand there is a feeling of nostalgia but on the other there is a feeling of "gee, I have aged over the years" when looking into the mirrored wall. To which my friend added "the light here is not very forgiving and may as well be fluro but at least I can tell when it is time to colour my hair".

I left the bolognese, which I normally get, to my friend and ordered the spaghetti marinara which I fooled myself into thinking was the healthier option and would compensate for letting go of spin. And I didn't touch the piece of white bread with butter cos that is the real waistline killer.

Boys, that is the way girls trade and do deals between life choices.

The marinara was big and great and the seafood of the miniature kind, not the big fresh kind you get at fancy pants restaurants. The bolognese was also great.

In fact everything is great after a couple of vinos.

So, in summary, this is the place to be after a few drinks on a Monday night or, even more so, if you are in need of pasta and a home that is consistent and familiar.

Cost is around $18 each. Good coffee too.

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