Sunday, 29 April 2012

PM24 - Melbourne - 24 Russell Street, Melbourne

PM24 is actually quite good.

Melbourne has its fair share of French restaurants around town. Many have served food that is just too rich. Rich food is a thing of the 90s. PM24 recognises this trend and keeps it fairly simple.

The pumpkin veloute is the best form a pumpkin soup you will ever have. It is velvety, slightly chestnutty and just yum. The deep fried prawns are wrapped in a piece of basil and then further wrapped in a delicate crunchy pastry.

You can have a 5 course dinner which costs around $55 and may include chicken terrine and a fine piece of duck confit.

Or a 2 course lunch which includes a roasted beetroot and goats cheese salad and rotisserie lamb on a bed of cassoulet.

This place does the best roasts that even beat mum's Sunday night dinner. My dad has a philosophy that chicken is merely useful for a stock or a carrier of flavour but nothin else. I would have to agree with the exception of the rotisserie chook at PM24, it is the best.

Desserts are very traditional but always satisfying.

Lunch is $37 for 2 courses or $45 for 3.

Dinner set menus are $55 or around $80 for a la carte

Bustling atmosphere, good wine, good service and chef celebrities coming and going, this place is always hyped with action.

The food won't blow you away but the produce is excellent and cooked with skill.


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