Sunday, 10 June 2012

Otsumami - Melbourne - 257 High Street, Northcote

This is definitely a North of the river Japanese restaurant - quirky waitresses, mood lighting and not so clinical and efficient.

This is a menu that has most of the Japanese favourites.

We tried way too many dishes for two people. so here are my bullet points on each:

  • Eggplant - too much miso
  • Sashimi - very good
  • Pirikara tiger prawns - perfectly cooked and flavoursome
  • Gyoza with chicken and mushroom - a tad chewy and mushroom a bit dry
  • Kingfish - fresh and quite good
  • Japanese scallops with rice - the best
Overall the food here is decent and better than your average Japanese local. The service is excellent (even if they confuse orders every now and again).

Price is around $100 for two including a glass of wine.

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