Sunday, 14 October 2012

Supper Inn - Melbourne - 15 Celestial Avenue, Melbourne

Supper Inn is the Chinese equivalent of The Waiter’s Club. Creaky stairs on arrival, vinyl chairs with cracks (don't wear silk as it will be ripped to shreds), fakewood walls, scary looking air conditioners and loads of people.
Like many I have been a fan for years, particularly after a few drinks. There is consistency with the fast service and quality of food.
Tonight was an exception.  Maybe it was what we ordered but still every dish should be good.
We had a mix breed of people on the table and Diane (refer to Lygon Charcoal Grill and a few blogs thereafter).
There was the Aussie who ordered the sweet and sour pork. Yes it was sweet and yes it was sour but yes it was also way too fatty and looked like orange play dough.
For everyone else, the best was deep fried quail with spicy sauce – juicy and excellent. The Aussie struggled with the use of fingers initially but he eventually gave up – good work.
Diane wanted to order the duck but got rejected. In hindsight he was right and we should have ordered it.
Instead, we chose the deep fried chicken, once again too much fried batter and not enough sauce or chicken for that matter. The calamari with squid and chilli (but really no chilli) was also just ok.
The worst pick of the night declared by all was the pork with chow mein noodles – my choice. I was told that I was held in high regard right up to that point. I did not defend myself cos I agree the noodles were shit. Whereadleschoiceisbad was the discussion that followed.
Despite the disappointment of putting on about 5 kilos and feeling like we would have to work hard to lose it, we had a great night.
A mixture of Y and X gens on the table. As an X, I did not know that the difference between the generations is whether you had an email account at high school or those who live in the msn world and those who don’t. Who defines a world as msn anyway, shouldn’t the world be about human emotion.
No matter what generation, we know what food is bad and what food is good. We did bad this time I said to Diane and he and everyone agreed, except the Aussie who said “I think I did well.”
To that I say, “well enjoy your lemon chicken!”
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