Sunday, 7 October 2012

Morris Jones - Melbourne - 163 Chapel Street, South Yarra

Ok, everybody I am with a medium to well done meat eater.

She even asked, why is it medium rare and not rare medium. Good question actually but a medium to well done-er is not deserving of such conversation.

I was told Morris Jones is a cool place with lots of good looking people. It is very Chapel Street and there are lots of fake tans, fake hair, fake lips and fake t*i*ts. And the food equally lacks substance.

And here I was with one of my friends, brunettes with barely any make up looking comparably pastey from the Winter.

The waiter confused our orders so I ended up with porterhouse medium to well done and the medium to well done-er had a bit of rare. Carrots to the side were unsalted and a bit raw, the chips were a tad soggy and the heirloom tomatoes tasted like they were from Coles.

Morris Jones fits into the theme of Chapel Street - not a decent place to eat and along with the shops it is becoming increasingly big brand and bogan.

I will come back though for some good people watching on a Summer's night in the outdoor courtyard with hopefully a bit of colour and more rigorous brassiere.

Mains are around $35-$40.

5/10 for the food, 8/10 for the people.

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