Sunday, 25 November 2012

Yokoyama - Melbourne - 83 Renshaw Street, Doncaster East

After spending over two weeks in Argentina eating the best beef in the world - yes it really is better than Aus - it is nice to eat some fresh raw seafood.

I think that Doncaster and Templestowe are well under-resourced in the restaurant department. There is a fair bit of good Yum Cha going on but really nothing else.

People in Donny and Tempytown gravitate desperately to whatever stays open after 8pm. I know, I grew up there.

This is surely a place where a chef and someone with cash and half a brain can make an absolute motza.

Interestingly, Yokoyama, well known only to those who live just off the Middleborough eastern freeway exit, has some great Japanese homestyle food going on.

I was there with family, BYO good alcohol and ready for a big banquet.

We started with Miso which had a nice touch of fresh salmon.

Next came a tasting plate which included agedashi tofu (I hate tofu but managed to get through this one), a potato and octopus ball, gyoza and other delectable tasty treats.

Next a plate of sushi and sashimi - all very fresh and good.

Tempura with a nice touch of fried seaweed and then some very tender beef.

Finally was dessert - I am not in love with Japanese desserts so it is not fair to comment on the Peter's vanilla ice cream that I ordered.  Others enjoyed their sesame and red bean paste ice creams.

The service started humble but amped up when my cousin started flirting with the cutsey waitress trying to tell us that Macau is the best place in the world cos it has the best casinos. Ok then.

And my uncle was telling his really bad jokes which, when you repeat to others a few days later, they do become a tad funnier. Maybe it's because you are reminded of the awesome reaction of my aunty who is his biggest fan.

This is a Japanese restaurant with a difference to your general local Japanese around Melbourne.

I will come back again and well done to Donny. Tempytown - you need to play catch up.

$75 per head including corkage.


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