Sunday, 16 December 2012

Meatball & Wine Bar - Melbourne - 135 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

There are some very clever people in Melbourne. Japanese sake bars, huxtaburgers and now meatballs.

We began with much discussion around meatballs - pork, beef, fish. There was so much ball talk that we could have felt slightly uncomfortable. Thank goodness we know each other so well and have every conversation and argument under the sun that no subject matter can offend.

The service, on the other hand, was a bit uncomfortable and did slightly offend. We were a group of 7, not quite appreciating that we needed to book. Rules are no bookings generally, unless you have a group of 6 or more where you must book. Give me a break. We are here to eat and pay money and felt reprimanded for not making a booking. We were instructed to order the set menu - a choice of a $45 or $55 and they couldn't quite work out what to do with a child on the table. Don't take life so seriously wankers.

Aside from that, the experience was good. The prickliness in the service was somewhat masked by the warmth of the bar and the walls and the bottles of wine all around.

We ordered the $45 menu which was extremely generous, with a few carafes of wine.

Starting with a slider of a pork and fennel meatball with green sauce. A slider is the newest fad - to me it is just a mini hamburger and yes, maybe it slides easy into the mouth cos you can eat it in one mouthful, but why not just call it a miniburger. Very tasty though and a great sweet but not too sweet bun.

My friend, the Silver Fox, quite rightly commented that a slider is one of those things where they give a name to a smaller version of a normal thing. It is slightly cheaper than the normal thing but you end up paying more per bite. But that is ok cos everyone wins. The customer wins cos they get to try more and the restaurant wins cos they earn more profits. 

There was a vegetarian slider with mushroom. The part-time vegetarian said that to be honest she wolfed it down so fast that she is not sure how great it was but seemed to recall that the dripping green stuff was very tasty.

This was followed by discussion as to whether saying that you wolf something down is bogan or not.  The part-time vegetarian quiffed back "well if I said that I f?ckin shoved it down my gob now that would be bogan." Amen.

Next course was a mixture of different balls with different sauces. They were all quite fun. Sides included a tomato heirloom salad with real heirloom tomatoes and mozzarella, fennel and orange walnut salad and steamed broccoli. A lot of food cooked well.

We finished with a dessert of macaroons filled with big balls of ice cream - a simple and tasty ending to the evening.

The part-time vegetarian was not happy with the toilet situation, not being able to distinguish between the men's and women's.

It is all in the colour of the balls my friends.



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