Sunday, 9 December 2012

Trunk - Melbourne - 275 Exhibition Street, Melbourne

The size of the menu scared me a bit initially.

I had first been to Trunk when the menu was small and the food was quite good.

But now they have sorted out their target market - a place for drinks after work in the outdoors with not so expensive food but priced well enough to make a good profit.

This menu has mezedes, pizzas, pastas and every meat under the sun.

I ordered the fried whiting on a bed of cous cous with raisins and pine nuts. It really was surprisingly very good. I could have done with a bit more fish for $34 but it was cooked well and fresh.

The tomoto based gnocchi was well liked as was the veal schitznel with coleslaw.

The one who ordered the soft shell crab looked at is and said "ok, I've won".

Ordering food can be a competition and it is nice to see that someone is so open about it. We all pretend to be happy for others when they order well and we don't and sometimes we even cover up and say that ours is better than it really is. Food envy can make or break the mood on the dinner table.

Tonight it was all out in the open. My cabraese salad was honestly average.  My friend's beetroot salad was good but she honestly agreed that it would have been better if the beetroot was fresh and not canned.

And for the girl who won, I honestly thought her soft shell crab was just ok, I win!

Mains between $22-$35.

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