Saturday, 23 February 2013

Koko - Melbourne - Level 3 Crown Towers, Southbank

It has been a looooonng time since my last visit to Koko.

I remember a number of Tepenyaki business lunches and a few nice dinners by the pond in the middle of the room as well.

This night was more of a flashy dinner than what I am ordinarily accustomed to these days. I am not usually a fan of Crown but overlooking the Yarra and having a perfect view of the the city was actually quite lovely.

The service is super slick as you would expect of a good Japanese restaurant.

I had the challenge of having been out to Ocha the night before, so naturally there would be some comparison.

We started with oysters which were creamy and well flavoured.

Next was beef tataki. Koko's was more traditional but I prefer the modern flavours and freshness of Ocha's.

For mains we tried the wagyu beef and the duck along with rice. The rice was a bit overcooked but the beef was perfectly medium rare and the duck was quite good.

We opted to skip a drink with the tourists at the casino after dinner and headed to Black Pearl in Fitzroy for a cocktail instead - a wise decision.

Koko did not wow me overall but I enjoyed the experience.

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