Saturday, 29 June 2013

Hooks @ The Yarra - Melbourne - 50 River Esplanade, Docklands

This is good value for a voucher my friend said as we were presented with lobster covered in a cream sauce.

Then we tried it and understood why the voucher deal was on.


My friend loves voucher deals and thought we should try this joint at the Docklands.

Anything with "@" in the name is a mild worry.

I think she paid about $50 for four people for lobster - well, I am hoping it was no more than that.

The place had few patrons because really Docklands is the arse end of Melbourne culinary and how the hell do you actually find your way there?

This place sells the cheap deals but then makes its money on desserts - $16 for chocolate mousse, are you kidding!

And it was AV-ER-AGE

Don't bother.

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  1. That would have been $69 for 4 people ($39 for 2). I bought the same deal for 2 people, and reviewed the place on my blog recently.

  2. Dear friends:
    Good day to you all!
    I would like to say as follows: amay be you should do yourself a favour and leave the vouchers aside for a while.....: also discover Docklands....even if anybody is on a wheelchair , there is suitable access.
    However, and in reply to your experience at Hooks with the voucher you bought .....not everybody has the same perception. Specially to some of us who are REGULAR CLIENTS @ Hooks on the Yarra.
    From our first visit last year, I humbly called it "the best kept secret in the Docklands" : WHY? well, because we assess EVERYTHING: the location is magic as PRIVATE. The views speak by themselves: one would be paying a fortune in any similar restaurant in such a privilege position. The ambiance is very appealing and the staff welcoming.
    Did you otice the starched white table-cloths and napkins?
    Are you aware of the lunch specials for only $ 15?
    Hooks on the Yarra is no more the "best kept secret" which is great too: we do not feel better than anybody else - nevertheless yes, very fastideous, discerning , love attention to detail and make fresh quality meals at home.
    Next time: try the Fisherman's soup - called Bouillaibasse by the French named it : what a presentation and certainly appealing to the most dicerning or may be the Prawns: we had a feast! By the way: we also had the Lobster Thermidor and it was sufficient: if too much sauce : put it aside...or was anybody forced to eat it? . By the way, did you enjoy the fresh and crispy petit - pommes or chips? and the nice garden salad? The vouchers offered for $ 39 for 2 people included also a bottle of Hooks wine. We actually bought more than one and to be used in due time.
    In the meantime we do hope you enjoy eating all over Melbourne and appreciating the culinary experience each time.

    Mila Giganti
    Mila Giganti