Sunday, 13 November 2011

Coda - Melbourne - 141 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

The first thing I have to say is that I really loved the wine - I don't know what we had as I did not order but it was excellent, very leglessellent actually.

Good to finally be writing up about this place. Have been here heaps of time.  For the food - yes, but also because I have a secret crush on Adam D'Sylva - well not that secret as my friends know that we must always get a bar seat with a clear kitchen view.

I understand that this meant to be a Viet-French fusion. In hindsight I guess it is but it does compare to the Real McCoy in places like Dalat, Vietnam.

I always eat from the left side of the menu, the shared tasty stuff rather than the mains.  This time I was taken out for a work celebration and we had a set menu with a mixture of both sides of the menu.

The winner is always "That's Amore Buffalo mozzarella, zucchini fritters, mint and pea salad".  This is a sensational dish that was a later but now regular feature on the menu.  Also great were the San Daniele prosciutto with a truffle-like taste and the Freemantle octopus, green papaya and kaffir lime salad.

Actually all of the small tasting plates were very good.  I am not however the biggest fan of the quail lettuce delight - I find the quail taste is lost with the sauce - but others say that it is the best on the menu.  I guess it is a menu which caters for different tastes.

The mains from the right side of the menu were quite good but not brilliant; the duck curry was too salty.

I still stick to my view that the left side is better than the right.

I find that the desserts here are getting better and better. The mango pannacotta, coconut caramel and crispy rice was a hit.  I usually hate Asian desserts but this place is now executing them well.

Cost for the set menu was $100 which for the amount, quality of produce and flavours is quite good.

I will keep coming back here, for the food and the view.


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