Sunday, 13 November 2011

Friends of Mine - Melbourne, 506 Swan Street, Richmond

This is the action in what is ordinarily a dead part of Swan Street.

There is a queue to get into this place with good reason - this place does great things with egg and with cheese.

Despite the vast menu, I can't get away from the eggs here - poached with buttered thyme mushrooms, goats cheese and basil on the best bread ever. I actually would have loved it more if the mushrooms were on the side so the centre of the bread did not sog up a bit, but I still wolfed it down.

The cheese and basil omelette was fluffy and the pumpkin piadini was crispy and exploded with taste plus on the first bite.

There are meals here to suit all tastes, even thai inspired prawn soup - which unfortunately had a dead fly in it but the waiter thankfully took it off the bill. I will still come back, mistakes happen.

The pork belly with chat potatoes, smashed peas and broccolini was also very well cooked.

The staff are casual, the clientele relaxed, the coffee awesome and the Sunday morning pick-me-up gin and tonic with a touch of campari and cucumber refreshing.

The best dish of the day was ordered by the two 3 year olds on our table - cheese toasties with ham - good o.

Not expensive, around $25 per head.

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