Saturday, 4 February 2012

Pasha's - Melbourne - 108 Smith Street, Collingwood

This is a place in Smith St which I hadn't heard of before so I was already a bit dubious. I rocked up and they didn't have our booking for 11 people but could easily fit us in around 5 spots in the restaurant - dubious even more.

So the cuisine is Turkish with couchy chairs and very warm and witty service, just like the Middle East. We asked about the sheeshah just assuming they would have it but alas they said no - a bit unlike the Middle East where everything is possible (including alcohol at a no alcohol bar).

We ordered a $38 per head all you can eat banquet. The smoky eggplant and beetroot dips were hits but the tzatiki and hummus were misses.

The stuffed cabbage rolls, dolmades and cheese pastries were hits but the eggplant was a miss.

The hamburgers and skewered lamb (except the odd raw pieces) were hits and the fish and calamari were clear misses.

Are you getting the picture that this is a place of hits and misses? But that is what I love about Smith St and the Middle East for that matter.

I would come back because it is cheap, limitless and full of fun, merriment and coffee readings by the waiter.

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