Saturday, 4 February 2012

The Moat - Melbourne, Basement 176 Little Lonsdale Street - Melbourne

Finally found a place for lunch in the CBD that is close to work and God forbid interesting.

It is called Moat I guess cos it is kind of like underground at the border of a building. And it feels like a library which makes sense because as I am writing this I am having a thunderbolt moment and thinking well actually it is a moat around the State Library - good o. I now feel inspired to visit the green lamps at the library.

There are books to read which I am thinking you may be able to borrow, but I may be making that up.

With red carpet, ornate furniture and a central exposed kitchen, this could also be a good place for a Friday night drink or a cool birthday or work do.

Service is very very very good.  Friendly and a tad quirky.

I ate a veal carpaccio with tiny dollops of preserved lemon and orange and capers - excellent. All of us had quinoa salad which was fresh, minty and quite delightful actually.  You don't get quinoa around town for lunch as it is more of a Brunswick St kind of thing.

Sharing is a good option and menu is varied, including goat curry and meat ball pasta.  You can pay around $18 which for well cooked food is cheap.

I'll be back.

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