Sunday, 29 April 2012

Cookie - Melbourne - Level 1, 252 Swanston Street, Melbourne

Cookie is definitely a good place for a farewell lunch where there is a large crowd or for a bite to eat after a few too many drinks on a Friday night.

The menu is big and looks like it can please many.

For me, I find the choice just too much and question how there can be attention to detail with so many ingredients and combinations to be dealt with by the chefs back in the kitchen.

I ordered steamed snapper with herbs. It felt more like herbs with a bit of over-steamed fish - too much lemon grass, too much ginger and too much garlic which made conversation for me back in the office a bit awkward.

The beef with chilli and basil was too hot and the spice on the soft-shell crab a bit heavy. 

The thai beef salad was fresh and the calamari stuffed with pork was good.

I would say this is a place of goods and bads.

Cookie for me is great for a vino as it has a magnificent wine list or for a cocktail after work.

As for food, I would probably give it a miss unless you need to cater for the leaving office folk -  as long as it is not for me.

Cost is around $40 per person with a glass of wine.


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