Saturday, 14 April 2012

St Jude's - Melbourne - 389 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

I have been a regular at St Jude's since it first opened.

I loved the warehousy atmosphere, I loved the seasonal menu with different twists and turns and I secretly loved the first maitre'd.

I don't love it so much no more.

The menu is pleasing on the eye and some simple dishes like the fig and rocket salad are great, as is the slow cooked lamb but the food lacks the depth, attention to detail and the subtle nuances of its old times and old chefs.

The croquettes needed salt, the quail was perfectly cooked but killed by tzatziki and the pumpkin with cheese was undercooked.
Some liked the duck but others like me thought the sauce was a tad gluggy.

Desserts were quite good but not sensational like their predecessors.

One friend calls this place too predictably North of the Yarra. I am not sure how to take that for a Northerner, maybe he is saying try-hard interesting?

I don't know but for me this was all swings and roundabouts and disappointment for a place I loved for so long.

Cost is around $75 per person including lots of wine.

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