Saturday, 14 April 2012

Aylesbury - Melbourne - 103 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

For me this Friday night was meant to be an early one and low key. I was lookin and feelin tired and haggard and just over it for the week.

Instead we decided to have a drink on the rooftop of the Aylesbury amongst some of the more beautiful and well kept folk around town.

After one glass of rose I was happy to indulge more into the evening.

So we headed downstairs and thought - let's do dinner here as well.

I've been to the Aylesbury for lunch before and liked it but thought it was a bit on the pricey side.

This time we went for the $65 "chef chooses your menu" option.

I would suggest that you sit at the bar cos you can talk to the edgy bar dudes and enjoy the Friday night atmosphere.

For entrees we had wagyu tartare which was spicy and softened by a quail egg.  Pig and fig which was serrano ham with fresh fig and the best dish of the night, kingfish with freeze dried mandarin. "Pretty trippy hey" asked the bar tender. Yep it was sweet and sour and just awesome actually.

Next were the seconds: lamb ribs with pea and lemon dust. My friend hates lamb so I hoovered that whole dish.  The lamb was perfectly melt in the mouth, perfectly crispy and perfectly fatty.

The pine mushroom with a 60 degree egg was not friendly on the eye and really was just average. My view is that mushrooms as good as the pine should never be stewed, they should be fried or grilled.

The different colour beetroot with labne and crispy quinoa was sensational.

Finally out came the mains and my friend declared "adles what the f... are we going to do? this is a f...load of food for 2, f... a duck.

There was duck, a massive plate of potatoes cooked in the fat of duck and a lovely broccoli and lettuce salad with no duck but broke down the flavour of the duck.

For the price there was way too much food. I actually felt guilty being served a meal which could have fed a family of four.

Will come back again.

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