Sunday, 12 August 2012

Gold Leaf - Melbourne - 155 Burwood Highway, Burwood East

Gold Leaf is a large Chinese restaurant in the burbs with the usual fare and no shortage of customers.

We started with mud crab noodles.  The flavours were good but the crab was a bit stringy.

The wasabi prawns where excellent.  Very fresh and crunchy on the outside with just enough wasabi to balance the flavour of the prawn.

The eye fillet with chilli sauce was well cooked although a bit over-sauced.

Surprisingly, the fried rice had a nice smokiness to it from the bacon.

But for me the night was more about the conversation than the food.

A friend was about to embark on a weekend date with a man she had not yet met, who lives interstate and who drives a lamborghini. You know where that weekend is heading.

I learnt a thing or two - when you've had black you never go back.  Once you've had white you know it's not right - there you go.

Good service too.

$150 for three people. We brought our own wine.

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