Sunday, 12 August 2012

Pei Modern - Melbourne - 45 Collins Street, Melbourne

The service hits with you being immediately good at Pei Modern.

Everything is explained well.

The knives are 9.4 cm long made by someone who is supposed to be famous and you have to hold onto them all night every course.  It is a restaurant knife says the waiter - well ok - I thought every knife in a restaurant was a restaurant knife - but good o.

The bread is house made and the butter is house churned.  I asked if the sea salt was made on the premises but that joke fell flat except for one friend.

Ordering wine was a challenge. My friend asked what was good in light wines and the waiter offered a Farside Geelong from Bannockburn. I was happy with that but my friend asked him to detail why.

If you ask a waiter for advice, then don't challenge him, I said.

Nonetheless we were glad my friend loved the wine.

We shared entrees and all were so different and very good.

Lamb sweetbreads and carrots was sensational. As were the grilled octopus with artichoke, the pork terrine and a potato special with bone marrow.

The mains were all good.

I had roast rabbit, saltbush, wakame and mildura jerusalem artichokes - excellent but not big enough.

One friend ate the small chicken with grapes - my friend was not sure on the grapes but I thought they were excellent.

Another ate the duck which was ok but a bit too rich particularly with the boudin noir (which we found out was blood sausage or something like that).

The final main was john dory - very fresh.

Unfortunately the salad was limp but they took that off the bill.

I loved by dessert of sorrel sorbet but others found it a bit weird.  Another friend attempted the caramelised tomato stuffed with 12 flavours and star anise ice cream. This was not pulled off that well. Desserts could be re-evaluated here.

This is a place full of interesting flavours.

Not sure of the overall bill as I did not pay but entrees average around $17, mains around $35 and desserts around $15.

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