Saturday, 8 September 2012

Easy Tiger - Melbourne - 96 Smith Street, Collingwood

The purpose of dinner tonight was to have an easy dinner with my easy (going) friend.

But as best friends and being girls with lots going on in our lives, the conversation is not always easy.

I feel very sorry for people who do not have a best friend who they can talk to about anything. I think mine is the best in the world really.

We share pretty much everything . Mine challenges me all the time and is there any time any day as I am for her.

We are lucky to share great meals together and Easy Tiger was one of them.

I have been here a couple of times before. The first time, we had a seafood banquet and the next time the regular banquet.  The banquet costs around $65 per head excluding alcohol and is very good value for money. Vegetarian banquets are also on offer.

Everything is designed to share - having said that I now share every meal at every restaurant I go to.

This time no banquet, we ordered as we pleased.

You get a green tea on arrival and from that point you realise that the service here is a bit special - attentive, excited by what they serve and engaging.

The atmosphere is dark and walls lined with colourful glasses and bottles.

The starters are very experimental and work well.  Ma Hor which is a prawn, pork and chicken mince on a bed of watermelon is excellent.

For me the best dish on the menu is the chicken, coconut and galangal soup served in a glass and super tasty.

Next was kingfish sashimi with pomelo, fried fish skin and coriander. Different textures and simple fresh flavours.

Other dishes have more explosive flavours, like the calamari with squid ink noodles and a nice touch of celery. It was buttery and very rich yet I could not stop eating it.

The coconut braised wagyu and the papaya salad were for me ok but not outstanding.

I typically don't like Asian desserts but there are some decent desserts on this menu - like caramelised coconut custard with black rice.

At the end of the night you get a lolly which is meant to represent the flavours of the night - it is salty, sweet and spicy. Quite weird actually. I told the waiter it was like a Willy Wonka lolly and overheard him introducing as that to other patrons thereafter.

Cost is around $75 including a glass of wine each.

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