Saturday, 8 September 2012

Kenzan - Melbourne - 45 Collins Street, Melbourne

I am questioning whether I am living true to my values. I see myself as a Socialist soul with a Capitlast lifestyle.

One of my friend's said that I was definitely a Capitalist with a Capital C to the Core.

Do you think eating out for dinner 3 times a week rings of Capitalism?

Speaking of Capitalism, Kenzan is the all time Japanese lunch place for suits. It is a bit 80s in decor and with its Riedel glasses probably errs on the Liberal side of the political spectrum.

Who cares? The food is excellent and never fails.

The menu has not changed in 10 years because it doesn't need to. The fish is always very fresh and the food is always perfectly cooked.

Speaking of Liberals, the first time I was introduced to Kenzan was at lunch time by my boss upon a promotion along with my colleague about 12 years ago. The lunch menu is more limited than dinner but my boss was important enough to be granted the dinner menu without needing to ask.

He introduced us to Chawan Mushi. A delicate custard with a bit of prawn, mushroom and crab. An outstanding dish and one of the most emotional food exchanges in my life. Next was unagi (eel) sushi, juicy and basted in a sweet sauce and ika (squid) sushi which just melts in your mouth.

We also tried the prawn dumplings as well as a selection of amazing sushi and sashimi. The ox tongue is also a special treat and the teriyaki beef is as tender as you will ever get.

He gave us his words of wisdom and enlightened us on how to be succesful while educating us on how to drink a good bottle of wine.

The career advice was a bit lost on us at 25 years of age but my colleague and I will never forget that lunch.

And I order the same food every time; unless of course others are put off by ox tongue - "it tastes like delicate beef" I tell them but rarely win that battle.

My friends this time tried the unagi and ika sushi for the first time and were not big fans. They prefer more Western Japanese but that is ok too and I will never give up on selling Chawan Mushi at Kenzan.

The service is delightful and very precise, even allocation of the invoice between credit cards is mapped out in writing before executing the charge.

Price is around $80 per head with a bottle of wine but really depends on how much you order.

One of the best and most reliable Japanese restaurants around town.

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