Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Lyon Charcoal Grill & Steakhouse - Melbourne - 120 Lygon Street, Carlton

Why would you order steak Diane?

That is the question!

Lygon Charcoal Grill is a place for steak, so much of the conversation was about meat in many forms and combinations.

I chose T-Bone which was the choice cut of the 80s and is now back with a vengeance.  This one was cooked perfectly medium rare, rarely well done that way for this cut of meat.

Others enjoyed their eye fillet although to me this is not a real steak, it is for lean-eaters only.

Simple vegies on the side, sausage and kebab entrees and the quality of the meat and the method of cooking were all very good.

Then we come to the losers on the table:
Number one: the one who ordered scotch fillet - it never re-emerged from the 80s.
Number two: everyone who ordered their steak drenched in sauce. Anyone serious about steak should only ask for mustard.
Number three: the biggest loser of them all, the one ordered Steak Diane. A bit Fountaingate my friends. Like a conoisseur, he said "the meat lacks a certain smokiness", but how can we really take this guy seriously.

This same guy also thinks that blue cheese sauce on steak is terrific. Better still, "you get so much sauce there is enough left to dip your chips into". The Pom and the Aussie Battler whole-heartedly agreed in unison with Diane - I think they were in the loser number two basket.

This place is an odd sort in terms of atmosphere. The tables have white cloths and are dressed with wine glasses yet there is a massive plasma TV playing One Direction. Even though there was a slight bogan feeling in the air, the service was very friendly and efficient.

The strawberry crepes for dessert were a bit try-hard Vlados and not as refined but they were tasty and we did manage to wolf them down.

Steak Diane ordered pannacotta. Once again poor choice, dense as all hell and drowned in berries. I told Diane that only 2 out of 10 pannacottas are good and this place was not going to fall into the 2. Diane doesn't pay attention.

The apple strudel was as big as the steak. It is hard to eat dessert after a big steak and too much BYO red wine.

Overall a good meal.

Prices were around $75 each excluding wine.


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Crouching Tiger Grazing Panda (my name for the night)

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