Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Hihou - Melbourne, Lvl 1, 1 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

Hi How are You? The makers of Izakaya Den bring to you Hihou. 

We walked around the block around 3 times before realising you have to ring in on the intercom to get in. Sounds a bit too exclusive but really anyone is allowed to enter except perhaps those drunken skanks.

It is a sake bar but really is also a fantastic cocktail place. The waiters and the cocktail guy with his suspenders and bow tie are all made in Japan. It is funny how Japanese men can be cute, daggy and endearing all at the same time.

We came for a quick sake but soon learned there was bar food on offer so we settled in for dinner.

The waiter told us exactly what was good. Scallop shu mai with ponzu and chilli sauce, tuna and ginger cigars, roll it yourself lobster sushi and kingfish sashimi.  Everything was very good.

The roof is concrete, the shelves are purposefully staggered and adorned with glasses and bottles of different shapes and designs. Everything from the juice blender to the little vase holding the tamarillos are purposefully placed, quirky and immaculate.

What made this night even better is that we had 'the date next door'. What number was it? Two or three? The conversation was intriguing. He was introducing all of these exotic wonders to his little blonde. "this is like lobster he explained."

"It is lobster you dense head" mouthed my friend. "And she does not even know how to roll, what an f? wit."

Loved this place and have already planned my next Saturday night out with the parents. Cocktails and canapés at Hihou followed by sake and dinner at Izakaya Den then Sauterne with pannacotta at Il Bacaro. Good o

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