Sunday, 21 October 2012

Maedaya - Melbourne - 400 Bridge Road, Richmond

While I was waiting for my friend, I casually listened to the conversation next to me on the shared table.

"Mmmmmm this is soooo good" she says as she BBQs her tofu.
Twirling her hair she asks "so do you like tofu?"

"Not really" he replies. "Have you been to Vlados" he asks.

"Yep, steak, it is great" she replies.

"It closed down a few months ago" he said. 

"Oh, I really did not know that, what a shame" she replied "but I liked Squires loft but it has gone bad. The one in South Yarra was good but isn't anymore."

He replied "yeah the city Squires is great but not as aesthetically pleasing."

This was an excrutiating first date to listen to!

Maedaya on the other hand is not in any way excruitating, except for the bad kosher wine and the waitress getting confused with what drinks we ordered.

Maedaya is a Japanese grill and sake bar. It started off small but has become so popular that it has expanded next door - although the atmosphere is not as good as the bar downstairs in the original restaurant.

You can either do your own grilling on a hot flavoured coal BBQ or order your own grill. We both had enough of cooking for the week so elected for someone else to do it for us.

Everything is very good - the soba noodles are superb and the various mushroom, beef and scallop skewers are so tasty. The gyoza are cooked to perfection as is the asparagus wrapped in prosciutto and grilled squid.  It is the delicate sauces which really make this place tick.

Service is quirky and the bill ends up not too expensive. About $80 for two.

You will alway leave feeling healthy and wanting to come back for more.


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