Sunday, 14 October 2012

Shou Sumiyaki - Melbourne - 160 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne

We had one of those tragic nights working back late on a Friday night.
It is criminal really and something that makes people just want to go home and curl up in a ball, passed out, drooling, holding a mostly drunk bottle of red wine.
Not us. Screw that. We are going to find whatever random place you can get a meal at 10pm and just eat.
We hopped into Shou Sumiyaki, a Japanese sake and grill bar full of Japanese folk drinking cocktails with blue curacao of the 80s.
We got straight into some sake and then ordered the most expensive banquet on the menu cos we could not be stuffed trying to use our brains to sift through the 20 page menu.
First came salmon sashimi, spinach with sesame paste and some raw wagyu. Actually it was all very fresh and good and tasty.
Next we ate a mixture of meats, mostly wagyu which we cooked ourselves on a grill over hot coals in the middle of the table. You dip in a selection of sauces and it is all excellent.
Then some vegies followed by prawns, squid and scallops for grilling as well.
Weird ordering of food I know, but this is Japanese and it works.
Total cost including sake and a bottle of wine was around $100 bucks each.
For a last minute walk in, this place was fresh and fun.
We deserved it – well done to us.
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