Sunday, 20 January 2013

Gorski & Jones - Melbourne - 304 Smith Street, Collingwood

Very excited about this place and even more excited after having read the menu. You will know most of the dishes but sometimes familiarity is a good thing.

Walking in the door, there is an eclectic feel to Gorski. Marble bench, French bistro tables, 1960s wood panelling around mirrors and odd bits here and there.

The problem - what to order - we could eat everything. Thank god we could share.

We started with a nice Aperol cocktail served by the very lovely bar man. Girls,  I recommend the bar.

The Sicilian style quail was magnificent. As was the tuna carpaccio with capers, radish and crime fraiche - probably the best I've have had for a long time.

The cured meats hanging around near the bar were homemade and excellent. As was the beetroot salad.

The only room for improvement was the special of goat. While the white wine sauce was excellent the meat was too tough - cook it for longer chef.

Nice to make new friends like Gorski and Jones - think they are keepers.

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