Sunday, 20 January 2013

Manton's Creek Vineyard - Red Hill - 240 Tucks Road, Red Hill

My New Years resolution was to not have a resolution but then I broke it and decided that it should be to eat out less and cook more in.

Not to save money or to ease the guilt of a lavish life but cos the truth is I always feel more proud and excited about eating a good meal that I have cooked myself than the fancy dishes of others. Simplicity is good.

Mantons is simple.

I am not going to crack the shits when I can't get into the likes on 10 Minutes by Tractor anymore, another resolution, I will accept the alternatives.

Mantons is a good alternative.

I am going to try and go away on more weekends and try local eateries, OK that may be another resolution.

Mantons is in Red Hill on a magnificent vineyard.

And the only exercise I will ever commit to doing is of the jaw and of the tongue - not a newy but a goody.

OK back to Mantons.

It has a simple menu with a mix of the likes of gyoza, ricotta gnocchi with burnt butter and sage and plates of cured meats and fine cheese.

The food won't blow you away but you will remember the scenery, the people you were with and that you will return.

This place has a very special place in my heart. Mantons has the most memorable chardonnay and tempranillo; although having said that neither were available for tasting this time and the name and label have changed.

But all in good spirits for the new year, I won't complain.

Let's see how long that resolution will last.

Cheers to all the resolutions and to breaking them all.

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