Sunday, 2 June 2013

Virginia Plain - Melbourne - 31 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

What can I say about Virginia Plain? I am not sure.

I think it is the enormously large space that felt like an airport lounge that bothered me in hindsight. Big restaurants are a no go zone in Melbourne these days unless you are a fan of the likes of El Greco.

The conversation however did not fail. We started off bagging tofu agreeing that it really is just bad jelly and then proceeded to gas bag as a group of 6 girls ordinarily do - you can never remember the conversation but know you have had a memorable night.

Not so for the food -  I cannot immediately recollect what we ate and it was only 3 days ago. Maybe it is my age or the wine (which was excellent) or the fact that the menu had the sameness of many others. Maybe the plainness of Virginia is quite apt.

I recall some scallops, mushroom risotto and some beef ribs.

Actually the bread and butter pudding was great

Cost around $100 per head from recollection.


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