Saturday, 8 September 2012

Thirty-Eight Chairs - Melbourne - 4A Bond Street, South Yarra

I have been wanting to come here for a while cos dad said it was good.

It is very modern rustic, very communal and very full of Italians. It is a small narrow room and everyone is on top of everyone else - just how I like it.

I feel I am going to love the food already even though I am sitting on a stool, which I question is included in the 38 chairs particularly as the front door mildly scrapes my arm as people come in and out; but it is all ok when the very cute and very young fresh Italian waiters put their arm around your shoulder just to say hello, just to give you bread and just as they pour water in your glass.

We started with entrees and antipasto. The peppered tuna carpaccio was outstanding as was the squid with zucchini and eggplant. The cured meats were good and it was nice to see some mortadella but overall the platter was a bit standard. Not the house made wonders of Osteria La Passione from last week.

The pappardelle duck ragu was the stand out. "A lovely sweetness to it" says my ever so profound sister.

The pork sausage pasta was well cooked but could have done with a touch more salt; the same goes for the quail.

The slow cook veal was just as you want in, melt in your mouth with a nice wine sauce.

The food here is very simple and home made and one that you will come back to any night of the week.

The special ricotta lemon tart was sensational but $13.50 for a child size piece, we felt a tad ripped off.
The wine list is also very good, we had sone great bottles from Piedmonte.  In fact the wine was so good, I did have a mild heart attack when I was breathealysed on the way home and my reading kept on going up and up and up, thank god it did not reach 0.05 - phew. My lesson is to only have one drink and drive. My dad's take of the story, on the other hand, was "well you weren't over so what's the problem?"

In the background the Grease soundtrack was playing - retro for some of us on the table but real time reminiscing for others.

Price was around $85 per head which we were happy with.

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